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Residential Building Surveying & Project Management

With over 30 years renowned experience in the building industry, including that of surveying and engineering disciplines, our clients can be assured of effective management throughout the "project life cycle", from inception to completion, where a coherent and holistic approach is applied, this ensuring effective control of your budget, valuable time and the essential quality standards demanded by our practice.



Project Management

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Project Management is the planning, organisation and direction of resources, in order to deliver and achieve specific objectives within a unique environment - Your Home !

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Areas of Expertise

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Our extensive experience of operating at the 'front line', allows us to provide a single point of contact to the client and the contractor, thus providing a single interface to resolve any of the complex aspects of the project and minimise potential time delay and costly dispute.

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Our Philosophy

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Our Philosophy is a focused determination to achieve excellence! The greatest satisfaction within the practice is working with the client and repeatedly achieving their aspirations.The clients requirements are of paramount importance, irrespective of exacting detail, as we continually strive to provide an unrivalled level of care to every detail and every client.

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